Auto Mechanic Training with Hybrid/EV Focus


Embark on a dynamic career path with our Auto Mechanic Training program, uniquely tailored with a focus on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EVs). Explore the cutting-edge intersection of automotive technology and sustainability. Our comprehensive curriculum covers traditional auto mechanics alongside specialized training in the maintenance, diagnostics, and repair of hybrid and electric vehicles. Gain hands-on experience with the latest tools and technologies, positioning yourself at the forefront of the automotive industry. Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic looking to expand your skill set or starting a new journey in the automotive field, our program provides the expertise needed for success in the evolving world of hybrid and electric vehicles.
Energy Auditor TrainingWind Turbine Technician Training


SOL POWER MIDWEST, LLC, recognized as Rockford’s #1 Equity Eligible Contractor (EEC) and Approved Vendor, is excited to offer PV Installation Professional Training Programs specifically designed for individuals from black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities. If you’re eager to unlock a fulfilling career, our programs will guide you along a career pathway to become an Equity Eligible Contractor. As a certified Distributed Generation Installer (DG Installer), approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), you’ll have the opportunity to fuel impactful projects in the renewable energy sector. Join us on this empowering journey and shape your future as a skilled professional in the sustainable energy industry.


Mon-Fri: 6am – 9pm
Sat-Sun: 6am – 9am



Rockford, embark on a transformative journey with SOL POWER MIDWEST, LLC, an Equity Eligible Contractor (EEC) and Approved Vendor (EEC AV 2162), your guide to a cleaner, fairer, and more inclusive energy landscape. Let SOL POWER support EEPs in becoming EEC AVs and non-EEC specialty contractors to join the SOL POWER family of EEC Designees. Together, let’s illuminate the path towards a brighter, greener future for Rockford.

Discover why Rockford’s community should welcome SOL POWER’s assistance for EEPs to become Equity Eligible Contractors and Approved Vendors. Also, learn why non-EEC HVAC, roofing, solar, and other specialty contracting companies should aspire to be SOL POWER EEC Designees.