An Opportunity Every Rockfordian Should Embrace!

Revitalize Northern Illinois
An Opportunity Every Rockfordian Should Embrace!

SOL POWER MIDWEST, LLC, an Equity Eligible Contractor, is reaching out to you, esteemed Rockfordians, to garner your support for our Equitable Energy Future Grant Program Application. This initiative offers exclusive NO-COST PROJECT FINANCE tailored for renewable energy and efficiency projects, perfectly aligning with Rockford’s commitment to sustainability.

Review the IDECO Notice of Funding Opportunity.

Our quest for collaboration involves comprehensive workforce development, with the goal of transforming residents into long-term tenants through customized training, initiating the creation of clean energy jobs, and offering home thermal comfort benefits for equity-eligible community members. This collective effort is crucial in fostering a sustained economic impact.

On November 16, 2023, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) unveiled a game-changing Notice of Funding Opportunity. This strategic move aims to provide seed funding and pre-development grants for eligible contractors, such as SOL POWER, with a specific focus on benefiting and uplifting historically disadvantaged communities in Northern Illinois. The grant program is meticulously crafted to address impediments hindering project, community, and business development, strategically injecting capital to overcome barriers and ignite sustainable initiatives.

The Equitable Energy Future Grant Program presents an extraordinary chance for the Rockford community. Grants of up to $1 million are on the table to power your renewable energy and energy efficiency dreams. The program’s vision includes delivering benefits to low-income communities, investing in equity-eligible zones, providing on-the-job training, supporting clean energy contractors, and ensuring a workforce comprised of at least 51% participants from Clean and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) and Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) programs.

“Equity investment eligible communities” spotlight specific areas in Rockford, strategically chosen for fair and inclusive state investments to combat discrimination. This encompasses Restore. Reinvest. Renew (R3) areas—communities burdened by violence, excessive incarceration, and economic disinvestment.

AT NO COST, you can play a pivotal role in these transformative initiatives, contributing to environmental justice communities and relieving residents of disproportionate pollution burdens, notably from the energy sector.

This initiative provides more than just upfront funding and seed capital; it unlocks the potential to revitalize renewable energy and efficiency projects in eligible communities. Grant funds encompass a range of essential activities, including planning, project development, professional services, application processes, land acquisition, permitting, interconnection, equipment, community outreach, and staff expenses.

This funding is a lifeline for energy-efficient initiatives that resonate with Illinois’ mission. It’s an avenue to champion projects benefiting both residents and property owners, fostering inclusivity and sustainable development. The upfront funding and seed capital, at no cost to you, can surmount financial barriers.

These grants, supporting planning, project development, community outreach, and staffing, epitomize a holistic approach to clean energy initiatives. The program’s emphasis on workforce development aligns seamlessly with Illinois’ vision of creating opportunities for the local workforce and promoting environmentally responsible practices.

The Equitable Energy Future Grant Program is your passport to elevate your commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and community development. Access to these funds empowers you to embark on impactful projects, contributing to a cleaner, more energy-efficient, and equitable future for Northern Illinois.

Please download your Letter of Support template, complete, and forward by email to or call 815-491-4445 for additional information.

PV Installation Professional Training ProgramsEmpowering Illinois: Growing the Clean Energy Workforce for a Sustainable Tomorrow


SOL POWER MIDWEST, LLC, recognized as Rockford’s #1 Equity Eligible Contractor (EEC) and Approved Vendor, is excited to offer PV Installation Professional Training Programs specifically designed for individuals from black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities. If you’re eager to unlock a fulfilling career, our programs will guide you along a career pathway to become an Equity Eligible Contractor. As a certified Distributed Generation Installer (DG Installer), approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), you’ll have the opportunity to fuel impactful projects in the renewable energy sector. Join us on this empowering journey and shape your future as a skilled professional in the sustainable energy industry.


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Rockford, embark on a transformative journey with SOL POWER MIDWEST, LLC, an Equity Eligible Contractor (EEC) and Approved Vendor (EEC AV 2162), your guide to a cleaner, fairer, and more inclusive energy landscape. Let SOL POWER support EEPs in becoming EEC AVs and non-EEC specialty contractors to join the SOL POWER family of EEC Designees. Together, let’s illuminate the path towards a brighter, greener future for Rockford.

Discover why Rockford’s community should welcome SOL POWER’s assistance for EEPs to become Equity Eligible Contractors and Approved Vendors. Also, learn why non-EEC HVAC, roofing, solar, and other specialty contracting companies should aspire to be SOL POWER EEC Designees.

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